Garage door operators

With brawn and brains

All of our garage door operators are equipped with the travelling motor operator system developed by SOMMER. This makes them especially smooth-running and durable. The motor track carriage moves itself along a tensioned chain so that no frictional loss or loss of power occurs.

What makes our operators so powerful is the clever technology. Since the motors move and are not in a fixed, static position, they are always exactly where their power is needed. This ensures optimal application of force and the highest level of security at the same time.

This gentle transmission technology ensures a long service life and much less wear and tear of the garage door operator. In addition, the operator is completely maintenance-free. Since the chain does not have to be oiled, it won't leave messy oil spots in your garage or on your car.

SOMMER garage door operators

The highest level of safety

Safety and accident protection are SOMMER's highest priority. Our operators are equipped with dependable and proven technology that you can rely on.

Automatic obstacle detection

The automatic obstacle detection provides optimum protection, e.g. for families with children. The operator reverses (reversion) if an obstacle is encountered; this ensures that people and vehicles will not be pinched or jammed.

SLS – Safety Lock System

The unique emergency-unlock system allows the door to be engaged and disengaged in every position. This permits easy manual opening and locking. In addition, and only available from SOMMER, your garage door also remains locked in any position in the event of a power failure.

DPS - Dynamic Power System

The DPS (Dynamic Power System) continuously reads in the required force and adapts it to the external conditions, thus providing the highest level of safety against jamming or pinching.

Certified quality

Our garage door operators are tested and certified according to the strictest guidelines. You can be assured that our products are of the highest "Made in Germany" quality.

Convenient radio control system

For maximum convenience, we offer matching radio control products for all modules. With the low-interference and transmission-secure radio system, you will no longer have to get out of the car to open the garage door when it's raining, snowing or dark outside.

In addition to convenience, the bidirectional SOMloq2 radio control system provides the most advanced security. Detailed information on the new SOMloq2 radio control system generation can found here.

The tried-and-tested Somloq Rollingcode system will remain in our product range. You can find all information on the Somloq Rollingcode radio control system here.

One for all

All you need is a radio transmission system for controlling all of your home automation applications. That means you can conveniently use our radio control system to operate not only your garage door, your blinds, awnings and roller shutters but other electric and electronic appliances as well.