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Garage door operator SOMMER base+

Intelligent garage door operator

Garage door operator SOMMER base+

Smarter. Safer. Brighter.

Garage door operator SOMMER base+

The SOMMER base+ garage door operator features our most advanced garage door control unit with various optimised speed profiles and the option of precision setting of the operating forces. The garage door operator also learns continuously and automatically and adjusts the door operation accordingly.

Configurator for garage door operators

Unsure which of our garage door operators is right for your garage door? We will help you to find the right door operator for your garage door and discover other accessory options in three simple steps.

Quality - Made in Germany

Smooth running and durable

Thanks to technology that protects the gearbox, the garage door drive is extremely quiet, low-wear and has a very long service life.

Maximum security

The system monitors the closing forces in accordance with EN 12453 using electronic motor monitoring. This control mechanism creates maximum security.

Intelligent control technology

The system reads in the required force fully automatically, continuously adapts it to the external conditions and thus ensures maximum safety.

Technical data

S 9060 base+ S 9080 base+ S 9110 base+
Max. pull and pushing force 600 N 800 N 1,100 N
Max. door width / door height sectional door 4,500 mm / 2,500 mm 6,000 mm / 2,500 mm 8,000 mm / 2,500 mm
Max. door width / door height one piece door 4,500 mm / 2,750 mm 6,000 mm / 2,750 mm 8,000 mm / 2,750 mm
Max. door width / door height up-and-over door 4,500 mm / 2,050 mm 6,000 mm / 2,050 mm 8,000 mm / 2,050 mm
Max. door width / door height side-opening sectional door/side-opening door 4,500 mm / 2,500 mm 5,750 mm / 2,750 mm 6,850 mm / 3,000 mm
Travel length (standard) 2,750 mm 2,750 mm 2,750 mm
Max. travel length extended 4,900 mm / 2× extensions (1,096 mm) 6,000 mm / 3× extensions (1,096 mm) 7,100 mm / 4× extensions (1,096 mm)
Max. door weight 120 kg 160 kg 200 kg
Max. running speed 240 mm/s 210 mm/s 180 mm/s
Power consumption (power-saving mode) 0.98 W 0.98 W 0.98 W
Duty cycle after S3 in % ED 40% S3 ED 40% S3 ED 40% S3
Number of radio memory positions 40 40 40
Max. recommended no. of spaces 30 50 30
S 9060 base+
  • 600 N Max. pull and pushing force
  • 4,500 mm Max. door width sectional door
  • 120 kg Max. door weight
S 9080 base+
  • 800 N Max. pull and pushing force
  • 6,000 mm Max. door width sectional door
  • 160 kg Max. door weight
S 9110 base+
  • 1,100 N Max. pull and pushing force
  • 8,000 mm Max. door width sectional door
  • 200 kg Max. door weight
Tested and certified according to strict guidelines. Made in Germany.
More comfort & safety through our radio system
Installation & Commissioning
In our installation video, we show you how to install and commission a SOMMER base+ garage door operator
Safety and accident prevention. Resistance class RC 2
Additional equipment
Modular system design for additional accessories
Zubehör für den SOMMER base+ / pro+
Service-Interface SOMlink S2
By professionals for professionals. Intelligent control technology for specialist dealers.


  • Automatic learning process: self-learning force curve with continuous adjustment, e.g. summer/winter operation
  • Optimized speed profiles for fast opening and safe closing
  • Standard-compliant operation
  • Automatic calibration of the door travel by directly entering the measured operating forces
  • Preselectable door types via DIP switches
  • Active braking for pulling gates
  • Transmission-friendly soft start and soft stop
  • Automatic end position detection in door CLOSED when teaching, the closing pressure can also be individually adapted to the structural conditions
  • Serial port for the Delta Dore X3D module or HomeLink wireless receiver module
Fast garage door operator SOMMER base+


  • Numerous accessories for expansion (e.g. memory expansion Memo, humidity sensor Senso, locking magnet Lock, LED additional lighting Lumi+)

  • Removable carriage without dismantling the rail
  • Simple shortening or lengthening of the track
  • Compatible with the smart home solution SOMweb for easy control of the garage door via smartphone app or web browser.
  • With the radio code button Telecody Courier the garage to the smart parcel depot.
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Frequently asked questions and answers

The assembly and operating instructions for the SOMMER base+ can be downloaded from the download portal.


How to use a hand-held transmitter from SOMMER, e.g. B. Pearl, Pearl Vibe, Pearl Status, Pearl Twin, Slider+, Slider Vibe on a SOMMER garage door operator with SOMloq2, we show in the following Video. You will find a detailed description in the assembly and operating instructions. 

The HomeLink radio receiver module can be used to control drives and controls with the SOMloq2 radio system. The radio receiver module is connected via the serial interface on the carriage using Plug & Play installed.

With the SOMMER base+ garage door operator, the control housing is permanently installed at the end of the track. With the SOMMER pro+, the control housing can be mounted separately.

Yes, with the smart home solution SOMweb, door operators can be easily controlled using an app or browser on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The SOMMER base+, SOMMER pro+ garage door operators and the RDC Vision+ roller door control are compatible with the smart Telecody Courier parcel depot.

To the Telecody Courier

The smart parcel deposit from SOMMER allows the deliverer to deposit a parcel in the garage. The opening height of the garage door can be determined individually. There are two security levels to choose from: The gate can be opened using the red button or an individual numerical code.

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