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Smart Home

Intelligent Smart Home solutions

Reliable and secure solutions for intelligent integration of doors and gates into your home automation system. Control the latest-model door and gate operators from SOMMER conveniently via smartphone, tablet or PC. On the road or from your home. The full range of convenient functions and operations for your doors and gates is available at all times.


The secure Smart Home solution

SOMweb is the secure Smart Home solution where your data stay in the garage. This system enables you to control operators via a smartphone app or web browser. 



With integrated server and SOMloq2 radio control system, SOMweb offers the basis for secure data.

Video function

Livestream door movement through integrated video function.


With just one SOMweb, you can control up to ten operators, conveniently open and close garage doors or simply check the door status.



Our IP cameras for indoor and outdoor use can be conveniently integrated into SOMMER's smart home solutions.

Outdoor IP-camera

The watertight outdoor IP camera is ideal for outdoor applications. 

Indoor IP-camera

The indoor IP camera is ideal for use in a garage.

Telecody Courier

Parcel storage in the garage with Telecody Courier

The smart parcel deposit from SOMMER allows the deliverer to deposit a parcel in the garage.

On-time and stress-free

Parcels can be delivered to you on the first attempt every time. 

Radio code keypad

The Telecody Courier can also be used as a radio code keypad.


The packages can be stored in the garage safe from access by third parties or the weather.

Other systems

Delta Dore X3D module

  • Module for integration of the SOMMER garage door operators base+, pro+, tiga and tiga+ into the Smart Home system from Delta Dore
  • Allows you to control and query the position of the operators via the Tydom app from Delta Dore
  • You can find further information under www.deltadore.co.uk

The operator only functions with a connected photocell.

KNX A3-B2 gate and door operator control module

The gate and door operator control module in the installation housing has three outputs for gate/door control and two binary inputs.

  • Inputs: 2x binary input (for potential-free contacts), maximum line length 5 m
  • Outputs: 3x semi-conductor output, max. AC/DC 60 V, 300 mA
  • Dimensions: approx. 38 x 47 x 24 mm (W x H x D)