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Garage door operator S 9110 base+

S 9110 base+ set868,95 MHz SOMMER versionblack power plug Euroincl. 1x 4019V000

Article number: 8500V000
Max. pull and pushing force
1,100 N
Max. door width / door height sectional door
8,000 mm / 2,500 mm
Max. door width / door height one piece door
8,000 mm / 2,750 mm
Max. door width / door height up-and-over door
8,000 mm / 2,050 mm
Max. door width / door height side-opening sectional door/side-opening door
6,850 mm / 3,000 mm
Travel length (standard)
2,750 mm
Max. travel length extended
7,100 mm / 4× extensions (1,096 mm)
Max. door weight
200 kg
Max. running speed
180 mm/s
Power consumption (power-saving mode)
0.98 W
Duty cycle after S3 in %
ED 40% S3
Number of radio memory positions
Max. recommended no. of spaces
  • Motor carriage with integrated radio receiver (FM 868.95 MHz SOMloq2, 40 radio memory positions)
  • LED lighting in the motor carriage
  • Pre-programmed Pearl Vibe 4-command handheld transmitter (# 4019V000) with noticeable feedback of radio commands via vibration
  • 3-piece rail, motor carriage, ceiling control unit, ceiling suspension unit, attachment to header, push arm, door bracket and mounting material
25.46 MB
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Buzzer slot
Ceiling control
Connection light barrier 2-/4-wire, gate CLOSED, DC 24 V
Connection OSE/8k2
Connection pushbutton 2 (partial opening)
Connection warning light: 24 V, max. 25 W
DC output: DC 24 V, 100 mA
Keypad slot for pro+/Conex membrane keypad
Laser slot
Light slot for additional LED lighting Lumi+/Lumi pro+
Lock slot
Output 12 V, 100 mA
Pulse button connection
Senso slot
Serial interface for Delta Dore X3D module or HomeLink radio receiver module
Slot for battery pack
Slot Memo
Slot Motion
Slot Relay/Output OC
Wicket door contact connection