SOMlink service interface

The SOMlink service interface - adjustment of parameters and features of the SOMMER garage door operators using a web app
SOMlink service interface

Simple installation

Extremely easy configuration of operators and radio receivers with a wide range of setting options.

The SOMlink service interface does not require an Internet connection

No Internet necessary

SOMlink is equipped with a web server and establishes a direct connection between a WiFi-enabled device and the operator.

The SOMlink service interface is platform-independent


SOMlink can be accessed via all common browsers. This makes the system independent of the operating system used.

SOMlink service interface - plug and play.

Plug and play.

Direct and secure.

  • Universal for smartphones, tablets or laptops
  • WiFi / SOMMER radio control system interface
  • Integrated WiFi module
  • Integrated web server
  • No on-site Internet connection required!
    A direct WiFi connection is established between the device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) and SOMlink.
  • No saving of data on external servers
SOMlink service interface on your smartphone

Install. Calibrate. Visualise.

All from one place.

Diagnosis and service
  • Commissioning help
    • Deleting transmitters
    • Teaching force values
    • and much more
  • Changing operator settings
    • Period of illumination
    • Speeds
    • Early warning times
    • Configuring safety devices
    • and much more
  • Calibrating force values
  • Reading out/saving and loading system data
  • Reading out diagnostic information
    • Cycle counter
    • Event history
    • Visualisation of force curves
    • and much more
SOMlink service interface on your tablet computer

Always on the right page.

Six operators, one interface.


The service interface is suitable for all operators with SOMloq2-compatible receivers. The SOMMER product offering currently includes the following:

SOMlink start app for Android operating systems

SOMlink Start App bei Google Play
SOMlink Start App bei Google Play

This app facilitates connection set-up between your smartphone/tablet and the SOMlink. Select the desired SOMlink from a list of all SOMlinks within range and use all available functions via the app.

Available free of charge in the Google Playstore.



This program allows you to quickly and easily update your SOMlink.

Download SOMMERsuite
(Microsoft Windows 7 or newer version)

Instructions for the SOMMERsuite

Disclaimer: The provision of this software by SOMMER is not binding and no warranty is granted. There is no guarantee for correctness and executability, particularly on different platforms (operating systems). By downloading, you declare that you agree that SOMMER accepts no liability for damage to or errors in your system.