Industrial door operators

Application example, industrial door operator from SOMMER

High performance and customisable

Today and in the future, gate door operator systems need to be tailored to the needs and processes of companies. They should be durable and efficient, and also enable short opening and closing times. These characteristics are combined by the new GIGA industrial door operator range from SOMMER.

SOMMER industrial door operators


Highest level of flexibility

An easy-to-program control unit that is nevertheless designed for all types of application and requirements.

Absolute reliability

The proven and reliable SOMMER industrial door operator gearing technology guarantees a long service life.

Customer-specific adjustments

The numerous possible combinations combined with the revolutionary controlling technology and multiple accessories are enough to meet the requirements of the market.

Efficient performance

Smooth operation and optimal power generation in 230 V /400 V technology, even under high load, are all features of GIGA operators.

First-class installation, user friendliness and helpful service

The customer-orientated and sophisticated operator technology ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Emergency hand crank (H)

Emergency hand crank (H) SOMMER

The operators with an emergency hand crank offer a simple and cost-effective way of closing and opening doors in the event of a power failure.

Emergency hand chain (C)

Emergency hand chain (C)

Designs with emergency hand chain stand out thanks to their particularly long service life and economic construction.

Emergency release (D)

Emergency release (D)

The operators with an emergency release provide the user with a particularly quick way of opening or closing doors in the event of a power failure.


  GIGAsedo GIGAroll GIGAspeed
  Without frequency converter Without frequency converter Without frequency converter
Automatic controlling
Dead man's switch -
Emergency release - -
Emergency hand chain -
Emergency hand crank
Output torque Nm 100 Nm + 140 Nm Up to 140 Nm