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SOMup4 S2

SOMup4 S2 reciver module868,95 MHz NEUTRAL version MLblack 4-channel 40 memory locationsw/ packaging, ext. antenna connection

Article number: S13687-00001
  • Simple conversion of operators and control units with radio receiver #7000VXXX to SOMloq2 (twist 200 E/EL, twist 350, twist XL, RUNner, RUNner+, SP 90 and GIGA industrial gate control units)
  • Optional feedback via transmitter when the sent command has been processed by the receiver
  • further advantages of SOMloq2: Hop function
  • integrated antenna; optional external antenna (# 7004) can be connected
  • Memory: 40 radio commands can be programmed
  • Slot for Memo memory extension (450 radio commands)
  • Power supply: DC 5 V or DC 8–18 V
  • Connection: 20-pin contact strip
  • Temperature range: −25 °C to +65 °C
  • Dimensions: 60 × 57 × 13 mm
  • Operating mode:
    – Impulse mode (jog): Relay activated as long as radio signal is present
    – Defined ON/OFF: command for defined switch-on and command for defined switch-off
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