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Underground garage door operator S 9060 operator unit

S 9060 drive unit868,95MHz SOMMER versionblackwithout wall/ceiling control/transmitter

Article number: S10453-00001
Required accessories
tiga+ control unit
Article number: S10456-00001
tiga+ control unit
Article number: S10456-00011

Max. pull and pushing force
600 N
Max. door width / door height sectional door
4,500 mm / 2,500 mm
Max. door width / door height one piece door
4,500 mm / 2,750 mm
Max. door width / door height up-and-over door
4,500 mm / 2,050 mm
Max. door width / door height side-opening sectional door/side-opening door
2,500 mm / 2,500 mm
Travel length (standard)
2,750 mm
Max. travel length extended
4,900 mm
Max. door weight
120 kg
Max. running speed
240 mm/s
Duty cycle after S3 in %
ED 40% S3
Number of radio memory positions
Max. recommended number of bays
  • 600 N pull and pushing force
  • Motor carriage with integrated radio receiver (FM 868.95 MHz SOMloq2, 40 radio memory positions)
  • LED lighting in the motor carriage with 6 LEDs
  • 3-piece rail, motor carriage, ceiling suspension unit, attachment to header, push arm, door bracket and mounting material