Telecody Courier: The garage becomes a smart package depot

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The Telecody Courier turns your garage into a smart package depot. In combination with the right door operator from SOMMER, the Telecody Courier gives the delivery person limited access to the garage, where they can stow the package safely, at any time and whatever the weather.

Mounted on the outer façade of the garage, the Telecody Courier offers two access options – not only for stowing packages, but also for “normal” use:

  • Via a two to eight-digit code that can be changed at any time
  • Via a red button on the Telecody Courier

In addition to these access options, a custom opening height can also be set. This is defined for an opening duration of 3 and 9 seconds. Using an additional photocell, an opening height of over 30 cm can also be achieved. Both the access options and the opening height can be redefined at any time.

Setting can be performed directly at the Telecody Courier. This means no additional settings need to be made at the garage door operator.

Three easy steps to create a safe depot for delivery of packages

  1. Define access options

    Specify which of the options described above is to be used for access.
  2. Grant permission to stow packages in the garage

    Once the access option is defined, the parcel delivery company can be notified. This can be done via delivery app or website. Once the access option has been saved, the delivery person can use it for the next delivery.
  3. Ordering

    The next time you order something, your parcel will arrive punctually, without stress, and is stowed safely in your garage.

High degree of security and additional functions

The stored factory setting for the hold open time is 15 seconds. The parcel delivery person can then deposit the parcel in the garage within this time window. A practical feature is that the door closes automatically after this 15 second window. This prevents unauthorised persons entering and leaving the garage.

If you are going to be away for an extended period and are not expecting any deliveries, you can also temporarily deactivate the opening function of the Telecody Courier.

Communication between the Telecody Courier and the garage door operator is carried out via our in-house SOMloq2 radio control system. With 128-bit AES encryption and Rollingcode, it ensures that third parties cannot intercept and use codes. Each code is only used once. Moreover, the Telecody Courier can neither be short-circuited nor bridged, as it is not a wired system. It is installed using an aluminium wall holder and screws.

Apart from the parcel function, the Telecody Courier offers the same range of functions as the Telecody+. This means you can also set your own access code to open and close the garage completely.

The Telecody Courier is compatible with our SOMMER base+, the SOMMER pro+ and the RDC Vision+.

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