Transmitter management

Codemaster S2

Simple transmitter management for operators and radio receivers with SOMloq2 radio system

It has never been easier to manage underground garages etc. The transmitters are conveniently organised and managed from the office, via the browser. No special software installation required; everything you need is integrated into the device itself.

Product advantages

Transmitter management independent of location
The convenient remote addition and remote replacement function allows you to add or replace transmitters without access to the operator or radio receiver. Additional handheld transmitters can be prepared centrally and sent to the premises by post. This means that there is no need for a technician to be on site, which saves time and money. If required, management can also be carried out on-site, and no Internet connection is necessary.

Security through reservation of memory locations
Complete control and protection against unauthorised access, as non-approved transmitters cannot be programmed. When the Memo is created, the Codemaster S2 reserves all free memory locations. Additional handheld transmitters for managed buildings can only be obtained via the firm operating the transmitter management.

Easy handling
A new object is created via the web interface. The Memo of the operator or radio receiver is plugged into the Codemaster S2. The transmitters are then added and the data are transferred to the Memo. The Memo is unplugged and connected to the operator.

No data loss through fuses
If it becomes necessary to replace the Memo, for example following a lightning strike, the data saved in the Codemaster S2 can simply be transferred to a new Memo. There is no need to reprogramme the handheld transmitters. With the SOMMERsuite, you can create a backup copy of your data.

You can use the Codemaster S2 on a smartphone, tablet or PC, independent of the operating system.


  • Integrated WiFi module
  • Integrated web server
  • Universal for smartphone, tablet or PC
  • No saving of data on external servers
  • No on-site Internet connection required! A direct WiFi connection is established between smartphone, tablet or PC and the Codemaster S2.


The Codemaster S2 is compatible with the following products:


Used to expand the memory to 450 transmitter commands. During service, saved data can be easily adopted for a new carriage.

A Memo is required for every operator or radio receiver to be managed.

3-command handheld transmitter
3-command handheld transmitter

Pearl Service

  • The service transmitter gives technicians access to door and gate systems for maintenance purposes.
  • Example: A Pearl Service is programmed on a door or gate system by technician A or via the Codemaster S2. This service transmitter remains with technician A or the administrator of the Codemaster S2. Technician B also has a Pearl Service which allows him access to the door or gate system without the need to reprogramme the handheld transmitter.
  • The Pearl Service is created individually for each customer.
  • For specialist retailers only!



With the SOMMERsuite for Windows, you can update the Codemaster S2 firmware or create backup copies of your data.

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This program allows you to quickly and easily update your SOMlink.

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