Secure radio system SOMloq2

SOMMER hand transmitter for doors and more

Transmitters from SOMMER offer you a wide variety of options for making your everyday life easier. You can open the garage door conveniently via radio control system, switch the light on and off or open the door.

More comfort & safety through our radio system
Telecody Courier
Smart courier function and radio code keypad

Telecody Courier

This smart courier function allows the delivery service employee to deposit a parcel in your garage. Get more information at the product page of the Telecody Courier.

  • The door can be opened via the red button or an individual numeric code.
  • The opening height of the garage door can be defined individually.
  • Illuminated buttons
  • Also suitable as radio code buttons
  • Long battery life
  • Including aluminium wall holder and mounting material
  • Available in white and black

Wireless Keypad

  • 1-channel output
  • Backlit keypad
  • Programmable transmission delay
  • Optional active time
  • Temperature range: -5˚F to 130˚F
4-command handheld transmitter Pearl SOMMER
4-command handheld transmitter


  • Option of querying door positions/reception status
  • Noticeable feedback of radio commands with vibration
  • Efficient vibration motor for long battery life
  • Available in various colours
2-command transmitter
2-command transmitter

Pearl Twin+

  • convenient, large button areas
  • remote addition and remote replacement possible with transmitter management Codemaster S2
  • Advantages of SOMloq2: auto-repeat function, hop function
4-command handheld transmitter Slider Vibe
4-command handheld transmitter


  • High quality, modern design with stainless-steel trim
  • Slider function for protecting against unintentional actuation
  • Thanks to the compact design, can also be attached to a key ring
  • Efficient vibration motor for long battery life
12-command handheld transmitter Telecody+
12-command handheld transmitter


  • Illuminated buttons
  • Up to 10 different access codes and 2 uncoded buttons
  • Also suitable as radio code buttons
  • Weather-proof, well-suited for indoor and outdoor use
  • Large buttons for easy operation
    (even when wearing gloves)
  • Long battery life
  • Including aluminium wall holder and mounting material
  • Radio receiver confirms received commands, an LED on the transmitter acknowledges receipt
  • Commands are forwarded by SOMloq2-compatible receivers
200-command handheld industrial door transmitter
200-command handheld industrial door transmitter


  • For activation of 100 doors (targeted opening and closing - this adds up to 200 commands)
  • Pre-selection of the desired command using keypad
  • Favourites function enables direct control of a gate
  • Large buttons make operation easy (even with gloves)
  • Weather-resistant and perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use
  • The supplied wall holder made of aluminium enables use as a wall transmitter
  • Radio receiver confirms received commands, an LED on the transmitter acknowledges receipt
  • Commands are forwarded by SOMloq2-compatible receivers
2-command radio wall button
2-command radio wall button


  • Option of querying gate position/receiver status without travel motion thanks to small button
  • Bidirectional SOMloq2 radio control system
  • Backward compatible with the Somloq Rollingcode radio control system, making it possible to control existing operators and radio receivers
  • Feedback of radio commands with LED
  • Battery-operated - no additional installation effort is necessary
  • Maximum protection against hackers due to 128-bit AES encryption with Rollingcode
  • Improved range and higher reliability due to the hop function, as the signal is actively forwarded by the SOMloq2 receiver

Simply teach in the SOMMER hand transmitter

How do you program a hand transmitter from SOMMER? In our video we show how to teach a SOMMER hand transmitter to a garage door operator with SOMloq2.

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Hand transmitter for gate and door operators 

A hand transmitter is a remote control for opening and closing a garage door. Colloquially, hand-held transmitters are also called garage door openers, radio remote controls or radio transmitters for garage doors or garage door hand-held transmitters. The hand-held transmitter makes it possible to send a radio command from a distance using a radio signal. This radio command is received by a radio receiver, which then opens or closes a garage door, underground garage door, sliding gate or swing gate. Lighting and front doors can also be controlled with a hand-held transmitter.


Frequently asked questions and answers

In our article, we will show you how a hand-held transmitter is programmed on a SOMMER garage door operator Programming the handheld transmitter to a SOMMER garage door operator.

Often only the battery on the hand transmitter needs to be changed. Instructions for replacing the battery in your hand-held transmitter and other tips on possible malfunctions can be found in our article What should I do if the handheld transmitter doesn’t work? 

The assembly and operating instructions for hand-held transmitters from SOMMER can be downloaded from the download area.


The control options of hand-held transmitters or radio remote controls are virtually limitless. You can operate gate drives, garage doors, entrance gates and courtyard gates, industrial doors, barriers, roller shutters or awnings with a hand-held transmitter. Windows and front doors can also be opened and closed. You can also use smart home applications such as B. Control lights or your sprinklers in the garden.

Radio solutions from SOMMER offer you safe and convenient operation and networking of your devices in the house, garden, yard or garage. Comfort and safety go hand in hand at SOMMER. You can only really enjoy the convenience of our limitless wireless solutions if you feel safe. Convince yourself of the numerous possibilities of the wireless products and you will be amazed at what can be operated wirelessly.

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