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SOMloq2 - modern radio control system

SOMloq2 is our future-proof radio system in line with modern standards. With 128-bit AES encryption, high transmission security is guaranteed.

Our radio transmitters and receivers allow you to control your systems conveniently and profit from the additional functions of the SOMloq2 system.

More comfort & safety through our radio system
SOMcom2 (2-channel)

SOMcom2 (2-channel)

The bidirectional radio receiver allows simple conversion of external operators and easy changing of the radio frequency.

  • Optional feedback via handheld transmitter when the sent command has been processed by the receiver
  • Antenna: integrated
  • Memory: 40 radio commands can be programmed
  • Slot for "Memo” memory extension (450 radio commands)
  • Connection: 6-pin screw terminal
  • Area of application: dry, closed rooms

Mode of operation

  • Impulse mode (Jog): relay activated as long as radio signal is present
  • Defined ON / OFF: command for defined switch-on and command for defined switch-off
  • Switching mode (toggle): relay can be switched on/off via radio control system, like a surge relay (can only be set via SOMlink S2)
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