ENTRApin+ Zutrittskontrollsystem mit individuell programmierbarem Zahlencode.

Open your door with an individually programmable numeric code

ENTRApin+ - the access control system with individually programmable numeric code. Doors can be opened conveniently via radio, without keys or access cards. The illuminated keypad does not leave you in the dark when you're entering your individual PIN code. The ENTRApin+ does not need a power connection or wiring and can be installed quickly and easily.

ENTRApin+ radio code

Product advantages

No key or access card necessary
ENTRApin+ works with a numeric code of at least 4 and no more than 8 digits. You can set the code yourself.

Safety thanks to encrypted radio control system
The access system with bidirectional, rolling encrypted radio control system provides maximum security. The rolling code is encrypted with 128 bits. The same encryption is used for online banking. Backward compatibility of the transmitter to the Somloq Rollingcode radio control system is always available.

Easy installation
As the system is supplied with power by the battery, a power connection and wiring are not necessary.

LED status displays
Integrated LEDs give you precise status messages using defined signals. For example, you are informed about low batteries or malfunctions in a timely manner.