United Kingdom

GIGAspeed for high-speed foil doors

Industrial door operators for high-speed foil doors

Optimal efficiency in a compact design for smaller high-speed doors. With 120 rpm at 35 Nm and an integrated frequency converter, the operator system has what it takes to meet customer requirements in the rapidly growing PVC high-speed door market. This system provides flexible application options either with or without a safety gear.

Product advantages

Flexible system
The standard electronic limit switch system can be set using the integrated control unit by using any conventional triplex sensing device.

Customised settings
The basic settings in the system can be changed to fit individual requirements.

Smooth-running and long-lasting
The electric motor ensures long life and a low-vibration and low-noise operation in all assembly positions.

Emergency release in the event of power failure
In the event of a power failure, the door can still be opened and closed.