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One control unit for all requirements

Whether it's a sectional, roller or high-speed door operator, with or without a frequency converter, GIGAcontrol is the solution. The GIGA control implements all requirements and applications.

Product advantages

Detection of motor direction
An integrated intelligent control automatically detects the motor direction and adjusts it.

Easy programming
The 5-line LCD clear text display with dynamic menu guidance comes as standard and allows for simple programming.

Independent troubleshooting possible
Fine settings can be changed safely. The so-called "maintenance password" makes it possible to set several people as the maintenance engineer, who can then troubleshoot or make adjustments.


  • Standard 5-line LCD plain-text display
  • For mechanical and electronic limit switches
  • Status and error display in clear text display
  • 3-freely programmable relays
  • Rotation direction recognition and adjustment
  • Automatic detection and assignment of the safety components
  • Real-time clock
  • Programming done with triplex sensing device integrated in the cover, opening the control unit is unnecessary
  • Double password protection
  • 2 OSE connections
  • Control unit and programming of the SOMMER frequency converter
  • Recognition of pluggable traffic light/radio control system modules
  • Cable routing between housing and wall possible
  • Generous housing with plenty of terminal space
  • Customised housing foils possible