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Your door - Your design! Patented technology for digital ink printing on door panels

Residential garage doors
Your door, your design, your style. 

Dura Print garage doors

With DURA PRINT, the possibilities are endless. Whether you envision a garage door with the timeless elegance of a stone appearance, the warmth of exotic timber, the sleekness of a geometric shape, or even your own company logo adorning it, the decision is entirely yours. Say goodbye to conformity and embrace the power of customization with DURA PRINT. 

  • 10-year warranty on surface finish
  • All panel types and surfaces printable up to 360 dpi resolution
  • All designs can be printed on the interior surface of the door panel
  • Window frames and other accessories printed to match your door
  • Full traceability ensure additional or replacements panel availability
  • Applicable for industrial doors, e.g. company logos
  • Designs exactly printed to door dimensions
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High speed 3-axis ink printer with uv-curing
Standard Designs

DURA PRINT - Standard 

This is a comprehensive set of standard designs which are most frequently used for the surface finish of doors. The standard styles include the wood imitations range commonly supplied using foils. All our wood patterns are original and are derived from real wood.

Exclusive Designs

DURA PRINT - Exclusive

Exclusive styles are designed and created by our company to satisfy the growing demand for innovative door design, for example the rusted steel sheet Corten and the Magic Circles in different colour-ways, the industrial look of Diamond Plate, and a variety of vector art work.
There are no limitations for using the new digital print technology, our offer of exclusive styles is widening constantly and, therefore, will accommodate the changing demands of our customers, architects and designers.

Unico Designs


The Unico collection features 10 unique styles specially commissioned by the leading designer, Iva Bastlová. The geometric nature and the perspective of the design takes a one-dimensional image into a 3d design, making them the ideal choice for modern buildings to highlight their original look..
The simple but refined designs some with a combination of wood and concrete, will turn the classic garage door into an original element of the house. If you like the design but the original colour/shade is not right for your house, it can be easily adjusted to your desired colour.

Next Gen Designs


Next Gen feature designs developed in cooperation with university design students. These are very diverse and modern motifs that predict the direction that door print could go in the future. It is a reflection of the modern technologies as seen by the coming generation. All designs can be customised according to the customer's wishes.

Rustic Designs


The Rustic range has been designed to suit many styles of rural buildings as well as for a more traditional look in an urban or city setting. The Rustic range includes styles taken from country houses and farm buildings with some traditional panel styles. These designs will suit a wide range of properties of all ages, particularly in an established area. The Rustic range is aimed towards those looking for a more traditional look, with all the benefits of a highly specified modern door.

Vertical Designs

DURA PRINT - Vertical

Vertical designs on sectional doors give a completely different look with the perpendicular styling disguising the usually evident horizontal lines. The range comes in beautiful modern styles with a stunning selection of different wood types to match, or to contrast, with the individual property. Suiting contemporary and traditional properties, in this instance, going against the grain is a truly stylish option.

Metal Designs


The Metal collection features 11 unique styles, designed and created to satisfy the growing demand for innovative and artistic door design. The range houses a variety of metal styles with a modern twist, guaranteed to add a unique flair when carefully matched to both rustic and modern homes.
Designs can be matched with their surroundings, blending into a rustic setting while offering all the benefits of a highly specified modern door. On the contrary, designs can also be selected to boldly stand out by sitting in contrast with the home, offering a striking appearance that truly makes a statement.

Individual Designs

DURA PRINT - Individual

In case of Individual Designs everything is in the customer's or architect's hands. We need only to receive your image in a vector format or picture data. In case of pictures there is of course a basic rule – the bigger resolution the picture the better is the final print. Your individual design certainly won't be passed on to any third party. So, you can rest assured that the customer receives a truly individual, superb door, to their own unique design. The Individual Design option is also an ideal for commercial or industrial doors where it is possible to print the company logo, graphics relevant to the business, or numbering of door rows, adverts, or text.