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The new swing gate operator twist M/ML is here!

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Swing gate operator twist M/ML

The introduction of the new swing gate operators twist M and twist ML adds two operators with new mechanical design for gates with a leaf width of up to 2.5 m and a maximum leaf weight of 300 kg to our range.

Der new all-purpose swing gate operator twist M/ML impresses with its compact design and versatility - for right and left stop, in 1- and 2-leaf operation, with controlled soft run (without power loss). The controlled soft run reduces the speed shortly before the end positions, which means less stress on the gate and mechanical components. The large opening angle of 120° (twist M) / 130° (twist ML) is particularly advantageous on slanted driveways.

twist M set, 1-leaf: S13694-00001
twist M set, 2-leaf: S13695-00001
twist M set, 1-leaf: S13696-00001
twist M set, 2-leaf: S13697-00001


The mechanical emergency release can be activated manually with a key to open your gate when there is a power failure, and there is also the option of unlocking from the outside with a Bowden wire. The twist M/ML was designed to eventually supersede our popular model twist 200 E/EL, which means that a twist 200 E/EL can be quickly and easily replaced with the new twist M/ML during servicing, as its installation dimensions are identical to those of the predecessor model. This saves precious time.

And the new twist M/ML is also equipped with 2-wire technology, considerably simplifying connection to the control unit for installers. In addition, the control unit offers a safety input, a warning light output (24V DC/max. 25W), two pulse inputs, a relay output, an Accu slot and a slot for our radio receiver. SOMloq2 (bidirectional) radio control with 4 radio channels is already included in the standard scope of delivery. The future-proof SOMloq2 radio control system offers maximum protection against hackers thanks to 128-bit AES encryption with Rollingcode, plus hop/auto-repeat function for a high radio range.

Protection for you and your loved ones

The control technology monitors the movement forces in accordance with EN 12453 by means of electronic motor monitoring. Continuously tested and programmed force values also detect environmental changes (temperature, mechanical door wear, frost and ice) and compensates for these. This ensures optimal security for people and vehicles at all times.

twist M vs. twist ML

The only difference between the twist M and the twist ML is that the twist ML has a longer thrust tube, which gives it a longer travel length (twist M 390 mm/ twist ML 550 mm). The twist ML can be mounted on large and brick-built posts, and an opening angle of 130 ° can be realised.


SOMMER offers additional safety accessories for the twist M and twist ML sets, for example a photocell and a safety contact strip.
The optional lighting element, which can be used to set visual accents, is a further highlight. It illuminates the ground under the operator during movement. Like the twist M/ML, this lighting element is available in our online shop from 1st July 2023, under the following item number: S13745-00001

Further accessory parts such as the unlocking set from the outside: S11142-00002, or special fittings can be found in our shop. Special installation situations require special fittings. For this reason, SOMMER has the right post fitting for virtually any installation situation. From galvanised to stainless steel, to fittings for inclined gates, we cover all areas. This minimizes difficult assembly work. Which saves money. 

Video- & installation instructions

For more detailed information on installation of the twist M/ML, see the installation video for the twist 200E/EL.

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