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GIGAcontrol TA: Automatic industrial door operators

The industrial revolution for industrial gate control units

In just a few steps, the industrial gate control unit GIGAcontrol TA extends the range of industrial door operators from SOMMER to allow operation in automatic mode. Industrial doors are opened and closed in pulse mode. The control unit is compatible with the operators GIGAsedo+ and GIGAroll+. They must in addition be equipped with the dead man’s switch GIGAcontrol T+.

Industrial gate control unit for every installation situation

With its narrow housing, which measures only 105 mm, the GIGAcontrol TA is the ideal solution, especially where space is limited. It can be operated via the integrated triplex sensing device, but also using a handheld transmitter or SOMweb App. This means that direct access to the housing is not necessary for interaction with the door. The GIGAcontrol TA can thus be used without problems, even where there is limited installation space available.

The parameters can also be set without direct access to the control unit. In combination with our SOMlink service interface, the industrial gate control unit can be prepared for operation via web browser in just a few easy steps. The parameters, service intervals and diagnostic information are all set and read out via the SOMlink. For more information on this handy service interface for specialist retailers and its advantages, read our magazine article on this topic.

And it’s not only easy to set the control unit. Installation, too, is simple, thanks to the pluggable spring-type terminals.

Optimised door operator for the tough conditions in industry

To meet the high requirements of industry, the GIGAcontrol TA is tested to IP54. This means it is protected against splashed water on all sides and has complete protection against contact. If this IP code is not sufficient for your application, we also offer the industrial gate control unit in IP65. It is then protected against jets of water and dust.

But the GIGAcontrol TA does not only offer protection against external influences. Radio transmission between transmitter and receiver is so secure that it is impossible for third parties to intercept the code used. Our in-house SOMloq2 radio system with 128-bit AES encryption and Rollingcode ensures this. As each code is only used once, interception is pointless. This makes the system secure against attack from outside.

In addition to high security, SOMloq2 also offers further functions:

  • Thanks to its bidirectionality, it report whether radio signals arrive at the receiver
  • Status query of door is possible without being able to see the door
  • Hop function increases the range of the signal

Difference between GIGAcontrol T+ and GIGAcontrol TA

GIGAcontrol T+ expands our range of industrial door operators to include a dead man’s switcher, GIGAcontrol TA adds automatic mode.

To use the GIGAcontrol TA, the GIGAcontrol T+ must already be installed. Used together, the two control units offer everything you need, from safety to convenience, to ensure smooth operation.

Control GIGAcontrol TA with SOMweb using your smartphone

The GIGAcontrol TA industrial gate control unit is also compatible with our SOMweb smart home system. From software version 1.0.5 (year of manufacture 11/21), smartphones can also be coupled with the industrial door in addition to operation using a handheld transmitter for up to 10 users free of charge. With the purchase of a separate plug-in, even an unlimited user group is possible.

In addition to controlling the door, an administration overview with a lot of interesting information is also available. For example, it is possible to read who had access to the door and when; this option is particularly important in the commercial sector.

Moreover, time-limited access can also be set. During the week, e.g. from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and at weekends, the doors can only be operated by employees with access authorisation.