SOMweb Smart Home solution from SOMMER
SOMweb with EU plug and USB port
Control garage doors conveniently with the SOMweb

Other benefits

Voice commands for control of doors with the SOMweb

Voice control
Open or close your garage using voice commands.

You can control ten operators with the SOMweb

Control ten garage door operators with one SOMweb.

Have push messages conveniently sent to your smartphone with the SOMweb

Push messages
Receive real-time notification of door movements via app or e-mail.

Simple user management with the SOMweb app

User management
Organise your users individually with a wide range of setting options.

The SOMweb works independent of operating systems on the smartphone, tablet or PC

You can use the SOMweb on a smartphone, tablet or PC, independent of the operating system.

The SOMweb is easy to install and is controlled via radio signal

Easy to install
The SOMweb does not need to be wired to the operator and requires no additional sensors for detection of the door status.


The SOMweb is compatible with the following products:

Please note the following information

The operator only functions with a connected photocell.


The integrated server stores all data on the SOMweb. No user data are stored on external servers, which are a potential target for hackers due to their high data volumes. This means the best possible protection of your data against hackers. Communication between SOMweb and operator takes place via SOMloq2 radio control system with 128-bit AES encryption. Push messages on door movements and the optional video function ensure even greater security outside the visible range.

Data security through integrated server

Integrated server
All data are stored on the SOMweb and not on external servers.

Video function for monitoring

Video function
Livestream door movement through integrated video function.


With the SOMweb app, you can control all your operators at the touch of a finger.

Intelligent control with the SOMweb app
SOMweb with EU plug and USB port
Simple updating with the SOMweb

Smart Home integration

Integrate the SOMweb into your Smart Home and control your garage doors via your usual system.


Works with Apple Homekit

HomeKit technology allows the use of the Apple Home App to create set-ups combining various devices. For example, to switch the hall light on automatically when you open the garage in the evening or query the door status with voice control via Siri.

  • The SOMweb allows you to control garage doors via Siri voice control
  • The Apple Home App allows location-dependent control
  • We recommend iOS 11.0 or higher for control

Google Assistant

Works with the Google Assistant

Control operators using voice commands via Google Home or the Google Assistant. Open and close your door with a voice command or query the status of your door with Google voice control.

Control via Amazon Alexa is possible using IFTTT

Video function

User management

With the comprehensive user management system and access control, you can define time- or location-dependent access to doors for an unlimited number of users.

SOMweb allows you to assign rights to an unlimited number of users
SOMweb users can be granted time-limited access rights

Limit access for users by week, per day or by the exact hour.

You can limit access for users geographically with the SOMweb

Specify whether the user only has access within the local network or also via Internet.

You can assign specific rights to users with the SOMweb

Specify which user can operate which door.

The SOMweb allows you to track who opens which door and when.

The calendar shows you when a door was opened and by whom.

SOMweb app

SOMweb app from SOMMER

Free apps for the Android operating system and iOS are available for download from Google Play and in the App Store. The app is compatible from Android 4.4 and from iOS 9.1.

SOMweb App im App Store   SOMweb App bei Google Play

Initial operation of the SOMweb app

Installation and initial operation with iOS / iPhone

Installation and initial operation with Android

All advantages at a glance

Convenient control of up to ten operators
Receive messages via smartphone
Push messages
Manage users
User management
Independent of device and operating system
Data security through encrypted wireless connection and integrated web server
Simply install and enjoy convenience
Easy to install
Voice control of the operator
Voice control
Data security through integrated server
Integrated server
Geo-fencing with events possible
Online or stand-alone operation possible
Internet access
Additional security through optional video function
Video function*
Log shows when a door was opened and by whom

* IP camera required.


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Technical data

Designation SOMweb
Item Number S11342-00001
Radio control system SOMloq2
Frequency FM 868,95 MHz
Input (plug-in power supply unit) 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Output (plug-in power supply unit) DC 5 V, 1 A
WiFi 2.4 GHz / IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Connections USB
Protection class IP20
Dimensions (without power supply unit) 102 x 80 x 28 mm