pro+ / base+

pro+ / base+ - the garage door operator of the next generation

Product advantages

Highest level of flexibility (pro+)
Flexible wall or ceiling installation thanks to the separate control unit housing of the pro+. No additional power sockets need to be installed on the ceiling. The integrated button in the control unit housing offers additional convenience in the garage.

SOMMER pro+ / base+

Safety thanks to encrypted radio control system
The garage door operator with bidirectional, rolling encrypted radio control system provides maximum security. The SOMloq2 radio control system transmits bidirectionally, which means that feedback on the send command or the door position can be received. The rolling code is encrypted with 128 bits, the same encryption that is used for online banking. Backward compatibility of the transmitter to the Somloq Rollingcode radio control system is always available.

Countless extensions
Useful extensions such as the Memo memory space extension, the Senso humidity sensor and countless other accessory modules are also available. Additional connection options are located directly on carriage (slip door contact and safety contact strip OSE or 8k2). Thanks to our modular system, extensions can be installed quickly and easily. Since the connections are located directly on the carriage, no spiral cables are necessary, saving you time and money.

Battery pack for power failures
During a power failure, the operator can be run in emergency mode with our battery pack and the door will never fail.

Restriction of closing forces
The system monitors the closing forces according to EN 12445 by means of electronic motor monitoring. The control mechanism creates maximum security.

Emergency release
Thanks to the integrated SOMMER emergency release system, the carriage can be engaged and disengaged in any position. This ensures security in any position, even if there is a power failure.

Safety thanks to travelling lighting
Lighting is integrated in the carriage which provides constant lighting to the danger zone. The LED lighting is equipped with 6 individual LEDs which are switched to two safety circuits - double is always better.

Smooth-running and long-lasting
Thanks to the gear-saving technology, the garage door operator is extremely quiet, low-wear and has a very long lifetime. The operator is completely maintenance-free.

Optimal application of force
The motor track carriage moves itself along a permanently tensioned chain so that no frictional loss and no loss of power occurs as does with a revolving chain.

Clean chain
The galvanised chain is maintenance-free and does not need to be oiled. This prevents oil spots from getting on the door or vehicle.

Improved fire prevention
Due to the flame resistant materials, the operator offers a high safety factor and protects from fires starting.

Universal use – compatible with almost all door types
The base+ and pro+ garage door operators are well-suited for sectional doors, overhead doors, up-and-over doors, swinging doors, hinged double doors, side-opening sectional door, side-opening doors and sliding gates in buildings. You can achieve optimised door parameters with the easy DIP switch function directly on the operator.


Our garage door operators are tested and certified according to the strictest guidelines. 30 years ensures that our products are of the highest quality and naturally, "Made in Germany". 

  • pro+ is the innovative successor of the successful base+ garage door operator from SOMMER: Now even more flexible and convenient
    due to the separate control unit housing
  • Universal operator for sectional doors, overhead doors, swinging doors, up-and-over doors*, hinged double doors*, side-opening sectional doors and sliding gates
  • Integrated LED technology: durable, energy-saving and efficient lighting
  • Saves power: <1 watt standby
  • Made in Germany
SOMMER pro+ / base+ carriage


  • Modular system (modular system structure): universal application for ceiling / wall mounting
  • Everything in one box
  • Packaging uses small amounts of resources: compact, environmentally friendly, recyclable
  • Good storage capacity: easy transport to the construction site
  • One-piece pre-mounted track possible
  • Easy to extend
  • Easy to shorten
  • Slip door safety device without spiral cable: can be connected directly on the carriage
  • Safety contact strip without spiral cable: can be connected directly on the carriage
  • Countless accessories, easy to install thanks to colour-coded and exactly labelled sockets
  • one-piece-flow: Flexible individual types can be generated quickly

Flexible installation types for pro+

SOMMER pro+ separate control unit

The SOMMER pro+ combines our most advanced garage door control unit with the flexibility of a separate control unit housing. There are three alternatives for separate installation of the housing (front, rear or on the ceiling) so that existing power sockets can be used and you can enjoy the highest level of customised convenience. This is how our operator becomes your operator.
At the same time, the integrated button is used for controlling the door and lighting.

"Rear" installation type

SOMMER pro+ installation type 1

"Ceiling" installation type

SOMMER pro+ installation type 2

"Front" installation type

SOMMER pro+ installation type 3


  • Pre-mounted operators and one-piece track - quicker installation
  • Easy installation of the operator on the ceiling: Direct installation on the ceiling with 1 screw, variable ceiling bracket can be installed later, can be adjusted horizontally and vertically
  • Wall mounting, no additional power socket on the ceiling necessary
  • If installed on the wall, short wiring paths to the photo eye
  • Integrated wall switch, no additional mounting for the button
  • Carriage can be inserted or replaced using the mounted track
  • Standard design: pre-mounted carriage with retracted chain in the track part
  • Output for control cable in the front and back and universal power supply on the track  - flexible
SOMMER pro+ / base+


  • Individual closing pressure adjustment
  • Can be adjusted mechanically: only 1 reference limit switch
  • Automatic end point detection in door CLOSE using a mechanical reference point
  • Intelligent soft running adjustment depending on the door weight
  • Automatic ramp measurement depending on the door weight
  • Gear-saving soft stop/start
  • Individual customer labels
SOMMER pro+ / base+

Intelligent control technology

  • Automatic learning process: self-learning force curve with continual adjustment, e.g. summer/winter mode
  • Optimal speed profiles for quick opening and secure closing
  • Standard-compliant operation, can be customised with a force measurement device
  • Automatic calibration of door operation through direct entry of measured operating forces
  • Door types can be selected via DIP switch
  • Active braking for moving doors
  • Countless setting and querying options via SOMlink service module
  • Automatic end position detection in door CLOSE when programming, the closing pressure can also be individually adapted to the structural conditions.
  • Four pre-assigned radio channels can be controlled using a transmitter:
    Pulse sequence / partial opening or lighting function / defined OPEN/ defined CLOSE
  • Versatile connection options due to sockets on the SOMMER carriage:
    - Slip door contact (also reed switch)
    - OSE or 8K2 SKL
    - Memo (memory space extension)
    - Sensors (e.g. Senso humidity sensor)
    - Lifting magnet (look)
    - Position laser (laser)
    - Alarm buzzer (buzzer)
    - Motion detector (motion)
    - USART interface for integration into SMART Home systems
  • Wall/Ceiling control unit connection options
    - 2- or 4-wire photo eye
    - 24 V warning light
    - External impulse button
    - Socket for Lumi base+ supplemental lighting
    - Socket for additional battery 
    - Socket for additional relay 230 V

Additional equipment


SOMMER Lock locking magnet

Magnet motor lock which mechanically blocks the motor in any position (even with ventilation function) up to an attack force of 300 kg, thereby improving the existing break-in protection.

# 1651V000



For recording temperature and air humidity in the garage. The carriage automatically opens the door a bit if necessary (e.g. when the air humidity is too high), ensuring perfect circulation. When the optimal value has been achieved, the door is closed, reducing the risk of mould formation.

# 10371



Used to expand the memory to 450 transmitter commands. During service, saved data can be easily adopted for a new carriage.

# 10373



Additional LED lighting for the roof control. It is switched in parallel with the lighting in the carriage and can be easily
switched on and off using the light function by means of a transmitter.

# 7041V000

Lumi pro+

SOMMER Lumi pro+

Additional LED lighting for the wall control. It is switched in parallel with the lighting in the carriages and can be easily switched on and off using the light function by means of a transmitter.

# S10205-00001


SOMMER alarm/warning buzzer

Two functions in one product: The alarm buzzer recognises a break-in attempt and outputs a loud signal tone. The warning buzzer, on the other hand, outputs an acoustic signal during the closing process or when the slip door is open.

# 7043V000


SOMMER parking position laser

Gives optical assistance for perfectly positioning a vehicle in the garage. The laser is active during the opening process and the set light burning time.

# 10378


SOMMER relay

Additional relay for additional switching of a garage or courtyard light or another 230 V consumer.

# 7042V000



A passive infrared sensor detects invisible thermal radiation from moving bodies (people/animals etc.) and reacts. When you enter the garage, the lighting on the operator is automatically switched on (supplemental lighting/relay) so that you can move around safely.

# S10343-00001



Supplies energy to the operator for maximum 5 door cycles > in the event of a power failure.

# S10523-00001



Allows the connection of two corded pulse buttons for control of the door and one external lighting unit. The operating mode “Defined opening” and “Defined closing” is optional.

# S10807-00001

Output OC


Transfers the door status (open/closed) to Smart Home systems. Optionally, a further external lighting unit can be operated.

# S10854-00001



For easier and more convenient installation of the tension springs on sectional doors. It is no longer necessary to lift the door yourself, making installation of the door even easier and quicker.

The LIFTer is only available for specialist dealers.

# S10941-00001

Additional accessories

  • Vehicle wall holder for Pearl transmitter available as an option
  • Additional fitting for low headroom bracket
  • Additional fitting for hinged double doors
  • Pearl Status


SOMloq2 - bidirectional radio control system from SOMMER
  • Bidirectional radio control system
  • Individual function assignment when programming the radio control system by the user: Pulse mode, partial opening or lighting function, defined OPEN/CLOSE
  • Noticeable quality thanks to confirmation of the radio signal through vibration feedback (with suitable transmitter)
  • Door status display
  • Targeted light control unit
  • Programmed at the factory
  • Reduction of radiation exposure in spite of higher data throughput in package mode
  • Increase in reliability and range due to active forwarding (hop function)
  • 128-bit-AES-encryption
  • Auto-repeat function for convenient opening while approaching the object
  • Distance-dependent dead-man function for set-up mode


  • Motor with high automatic locking and counter-pressure at all points in the event of an attempted break-in (even with ventilation function)
  • Safety in use in the event of a power failure with battery pack for emergency operation
  • Locking magnet for motor (protection against break-ins), locks in any position, even during ventilation function/partial opening (Lock #1651V000 available as an option)
  • Thanks to the integrated emergency release, the carriage can be engaged and disengaged in any position
  • Bidirectional, secure SOMloq2 radio control system
  • Permanent RAM/ROM test
  • Cyclically tested safety devices
  • Sensitive: intelligent differentiation between necessary force for door operation and unusual obstacles
  • Additional blockage detection
  • Software fulfils safety class II
  • EMC test in accordance with SOMMER house standard (requirements twice as strict as with the normal standard)
  • If the emergency release is activated, the door can be locked again.

Service – Maintenance

  • SOMlink service
  • Long-term event memory
  • Maintenance intervals can be programmed
  • Removable carriage without track disassembly
  • Galvanised, nickel-plated and high-quality chain: no wear, no oiling and no chain re-tensioning necessary
  • Clean: no oil or greased used, which means your door and car will not get soiled
SOMMER Service

5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Technical data

Designation S 9060 base+ /
S 9060 pro+
S 9080 base+ /
S 9080 pro+
S 9110 base+ /
S 9110 pro+
Item no. base+ 8700V000 8800V000 8500V000
Item no. pro+ S10154-0000 S10155-0000 S10156-0000
Max. pull and pushing force 600N 800 N 1,100 N
Max. travel path 7,500 mm 7,500 mm 7,500 mm
Max. door width/door height 1)
Sectional door 4,500 mm / 2,500 mm 6,000 mm / 2,500 mm 8,000 mm / 2,500 mm
One piece door 4,500 mm / 2,750 mm 6,000 mm / 2,750 mm 8,000 mm / 2,750 mm
Up-and-over door 4,500 mm / 2,050 mm 6,000 mm / 2,050 mm 8,000 mm / 2,050 mm
Hinged double door 2) 2,800 mm / 2,500 mm 2,800 mm / 2,750 mm 2,800 mm / 3,000 mm
Side-opening sectional/side-opening door 3) 2,500 mm (4,500 mm) / 2,500 mm 2,500 mm (5.750 mm) / 2,750 mm 2,500 mm (6.850 mm) / 3,000 mm
Travel length (standard) 2,750 mm 2,750 mm 2,750 mm
Max. travel length extended 4,900 mm 2× extensions (1,096 mm) 6,000 mm 3× extensions (1,096 mm) 7,100 mm 4× extensions (1,096 mm)
Max. door weight 120 kg 160 kg 200 kg
Max. running speed 4) 240 mm/s 210 mm/s 180 mm/s
Power consumption (power-saving mode) < 1 W < 1 W < 1 W
Duty cycle after S3 in % 40 40 40
Number of radio memory positions 40 40 40
Max. recommended no. of spaces 30 50 30

1) The values may differ depending on the installation position. 2) Only possible with SOMMER pro+! Separate hinged double door fitting required. 3) Side-opening sectional doors and side-opening doors wider than 2,500 mm can be implemented with the corresponding number of extensions. 4) Measured without door.