Whatever technology you want to control - our SOMMER radio receivers make it easy. The SOMcom4 is the 4-channel radio receiver from SOMMER. Developed for indoor and outdoor use, it is ideal for the simple conversion of external operators and easy changing of the radio frequency. And its wide range of functions means a wide range of application options.

The SOMcom4 can do all this

  • Optional feedback via handheld transmitter when the sent command has been processed by the receiver
  • Option of channel relay status query via transmitter (e.g. Pearl Status)
  • Suitable for special applications (not suitable as tubular motor controller)
  • SOMcom4 radio receiver module, 4-channel, in housing, with slot for "Memo" memory extension (450 radio commands) from SOMMER

    Slot for "Memo" memory extension

  • View of housing, SOMcom4 radio receiver module, 4-channel, in housing, with SOMloq2, from SOMMER

Technical data

  • Antenna: integrated
  • Memory: 40 radio commands can be programmed
  • Slot for "Memo” memory extension (450 radio commands)
  • Connection: screw terminals
  • Area of application: indoor and outdoor use
  • Control output: 4 potential-free relay contacts (change-over, 8 A, AC 250 V)
  • Pulse input: connection option for a potential-free pulse input

Mode of operation

  • Impulse mode (Jog): relay activated as long as radio signal is present
  • Defined ON / OFF: command for defined switch-on and command for defined switch-off
  • Switching mode (toggle): relay can be switched on/off via radio control system, like a surge relay
  • Timed mode (Time): relay is triggered via radio signal and deactivated after set time (1– 255 s)

Item No. S10794-00001