New two-wire photocell

New two-wire photocell

SOMMER once again expands its photocell portfolio

The new 20-metre, 2-wire, one-way photocell  (# S13494-00001) is available with immediate effect. It expands SOMMER’s range of photocells in response to frequently voiced customer wishes.

With this product, too, the focus is on quick installation and smooth operation. The 20-metre one-way photocell uses the SOMMER 2-wire system. Only two wires are required on the transmitter and the receiver side, while the polarity is optional. A board which is rotatable through 180° means additional installation options, and no mounting brackets are required. And with code IP55, it is suitable for outdoor use. In other words, this photocell can be used on all SOMMER control units and operators with a connection for 2-wire technology. The necessary mounting material is included in the scope of delivery.

One-way photocell

Advantages of a two-wire photocell

The advantages of two-wire technology are clear: Fewer wires are required than for four-wire technology. This saves copper, making it less expensive, and natural resources, which protects the environment. Installation is easier, too, because there is no need to observe the polarity of the connection. Transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) are simply connected in parallel, each with two wires.

Function of a photocell

A photocell can increase security at doors, gates and barriers. As soon as the beam of the photocell is interrupted, the door, gate or barrier reverses. Fitting a photocell as an additional safety device not only protects property, for example, vehicles, but also means added safety.

Technical data

  • Temperature range -25°C to +65°C
  • SOMMER 2-wire bus voltage (20…30 V)
  • Range limit 20 m
  • Degree of protection IP55
  • Dimensions: 37 x 104 x 35 mm
  • Incl. Installation and Operating Manual
  • Incl. mounting material

The 2-wire photocell is intended exclusively for use with SOMMER products. It is compatible with all SOMMER operators and control units which support a 2-wire photocell.

One-way photocell, 20 m, can rotate 180°, 2-wire

One-way photocell