New software for the Codemaster+

New software for the Codemaster+

It contains the following new features and enhancements:

Import a transmitter from another object/device
If an operator is to be added to a gate/door system or, for example, if a receiver is to be replaced by an operator, the handheld transmitters can be copied from one device to another device. This means it is no longer necessary to collect the already distributed handheld transmitters.

Add a manual command to a handheld transmitter
If a door/gate system is to be changed or to retrofit traffic light systems, it is now possible to add or change a command on an already existing handheld transmitter without having to collect the corresponding handheld transmitter from the end customer. All that is required is the Memo of the operator, respectively, the Memo can be replaced by a new Memo.

Export the transmitter list
It is now possible to create an overview list of all transmitters which are programmed on a device/operator. The list can be exported in Excel or PDF format.

Transfer command assignment from existing transmitter
To add commands remotely to a handheld transmitter, it is no longer necessary to look up
the command-channel assignment in the existing transmitters first. Instead, it can be transferred directly from an existing handheld transmitter.

Remotely add transmitter series
To add transmitters remotely to several handheld transmitters, it is no longer necessary to add
them individually. Instead, as during initial commissioning, they can be added remotely as a transmitter series.

Preset command-channel assignment on devices of type TIGA
If TIGA is selected as the device type, handheld transmitter command 1 is automatically
assigned to radio channel 3 and command 2 to radio channel 4. This means it is no longer necessary to switch manually to the ‘standard’ channel on TIGA control units.

Test function
A test function has been created which allows you to check the saved remotely added and
replaced commands of the handheld transmitter after programming. In this way, before you dispatch the handheld transmitter, you can check whether all settings have been saved correctly and transferred to the handheld transmitter.

GIGAcom and Telecody Courier
The GIGAcom and Telecody Courier radio transmitters are now compatible with the Codemaster+ system. However, remote addition and remote replacement are not possible with these transmitter types.

Factory programming
With this function, you can programme a large number of handheld transmitters to a Memo (transmitter series) without subsequently managing it via the Codemaster+.This means that it remains possible to add handheld transmitters to the operator/receiver on site. However, remote addition and remote replacement of handheld transmitters are not possible in this case.

Various minor enhancements and bugfix

Important information

There will be a webinar series on the Codemaster+ in the near future. It will present all new functions of the Codemaster+. As soon as they are available, you will find the dates of the webinars here.


Firmware V03.08.12
App Version




Used to expand the memory to 450 transmitter commands. During service, saved data can be easily adopted for a new carriage.

# 10373


With the SOMMERsuite for Windows, you can update the Codemaster+ firmware or create backup copies of your data.