Underground garage door operators

Application example, underground garage door operator

Moving things up!

Door operators for group garages and underground garages need to be extremely tough. They are in constant use and hardly ever get a break. The door operators from SOMMER are not only optimised for use, they are also optimised for commissioning. They are extremely durable and long-lasting while still being very easy to install and adjust. Which makes both users and installers happy.

SOMMER underground garage door operators

Reliable technology

High-quality technology

Group garages and underground garages have a whole range of different requirements than normal garages. Underground garage door operators from SOMMER are designed specifically for this. It all starts with the technology. Components are very high quality; for example, the running rails are not only painted, they are galvanised and powder-coated. The wall switch includes a 7 m cable, which makes installation very easy.

Energy consumption

The operators are also very energy efficient: The controlled soft running with ramp form and a ring core transformer means even the heaviest doors can be opened while using the least amount of power. The ample safety aspects, such as the electronically controlled force measurement with DPS (Dynamic Power System), help prevent accidents before they can happen.

Automatic closing function

The potential-neutral relay contact and the evaluation for electrical (8.2 kOhm) or optical safety contact strips are already integrated; the underground garage door operators are exclusively available with automatic closing function.

Seal of quality

It's no wonder that all SOMMER underground garage door operators carry the TÜV GS quality seal.

Intelligent control

In group garages or underground garages, there are often several vehicles wanting to drive simultaneously even though this is not permitted. To keep everything flowing smoothly, requirements for inside and outside are transferred separately via radio control system and/or button commands.

Traffic light control

Probably the most simple traffic light system in the world is utilised here: The red/green two-way traffic control is already installed; the connection for photo eyes and safety contact strips is also present. The separate traffic light control can be mounted on the wall, for example, and the short cable distances make installation child's play. The radio receiver with 448 memory positions and pluggable storage module offers ample space.