twist XL

twist XL - the super-strength swing gate operator

The super-strength swing gate operator for oversized gates

More is not possible? Yes it is: The twist XL can be used anywhere for right and left stops as well as in 1- and 2-wing operation for wing widths of up to 7 m or wing weights of 1100 kg.

Product advantages

Safety thanks to high load capacity
The patented brake system makes the operator very resilient. Even with extreme force effects of up to 3 tonnes, e.g. due to wind load or vandalism or break-in attempts, without a problem.

Optimal application of force through soft running
Efficient application of force guarantees controlled soft running in ramp form which prevents unnecessary power loss.

Functions which make daily life easier
The walk-through function can be used to open a gate wing and reach the property by bike, for example. This makes an additional garden gate unnecessary, making it possible to fully utilise the whole width of your driveway.
With the automatic closing function, you can be sure that the gate is always locked behind you. After the photo eye is passed, the gate automatically closes after a set time.

Protection for you and your loved ones
The control technology monitors the movement forces according to EN 12453 by means of electronic motor monitoring. Continuously tested and programmed force values, also detects environmental changes (temperature, mechanical door wear, frost and ice) and compensates for these.
This ensures optimal security for people and vehicles at all times. SOMMER also offers additional safety accessories. (Photo eyes, safety contact strips, etc.)

Safety due to automatic locking
If there is an attempt to slide the operator, it counteracts the force with automatic locking. Even with closed gates that are exposed to strong wind, the operator automatically pushes against the wind.

Power failure - what now?
To open your gate when there is a power failure, the mechanical emergency release can be activated manually with a key. Even if there is strong contact pressure on the operator, the release lock can be triggered with low application of force and you can get to your property.

Combining operators
If the active gate wing is small, you typically can use a weaker operator than with a large gate wing. You can save space and money by taking advantage of the option of combining operators.
Mixed operation is possible with the twist 200 E/EL and twist 350 operators*.

* twist 200 E/EL operators and twist 350-/XL control units can only be operated in combination with the "twist XS" (item no. 3248V000) conversion set.

SOMMER twist XL swing gate operator

Technical data

Description twist XL
Gate wing weight: Max. 1100 kg**
Gate wing width: Max. 7.0 m***
Travel length: 450 mm
Power supply: AC 220 ... 240 V
Motor voltage: DC 24 V
Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
Temperature range: –25°C to +70°C
Protection class: Operator: IP44
Control unit: IP65 / IP67

** With max. gate wing width of 1.5 m, 1-wing system
*** With max. gate wing weight of 400 kg,1-wing system


Special installation situations require special fittings

SOMMER has the right post fitting for almost every installation situation. From galvanised to stainless steel, to fittings for inclined gates, we cover all areas.

This minimises difficult assembly work. Which saves money.

Scope of delivery

twist XL operator unit

  • Swing gate operator twist XL, 1-wing, anthracite
  • Universal usability for left or right stop
  • Mounting material
  • Post and hinged double door fitting
  • Without control unit

# 3280V000

SOMMER swing gate operator twist XL, 1-wing

Operators with SOMloq2 radio control system

Bidirectional SOMloq2 radio control system from SOMMER

Secure encryption
The future-proof SOMloq2 radio control system offers maximum protection against hackers due to 128-bit AES encryption with Rollingcode.

Repeating radio signal
The auto-repeat function ensures convenient opening while approaching the building. The output radio signal repeats in a certain cycle to enable optimal availability.

High radio range
With the innovative hop function, the range is extended, as radio signals are forwarded from SOMloq2 receivers.

Also for existing SOMMER operators
Transmitters with SOMloq2 are backward compatible with the Somloq Rollingcode radio control system, making it possible to control existing operators and radio receivers.

Control unit twist XL (SOMloq2)

  • In housing (IP 65)
  • Radio receiver SOMup4 FM 868.95 MHz (SOMloq2), pluggable
  • 4-command handheld transmitter Pearl Vibe (# 4019V000)

# S11526-00001

SOMMER control unit twist XL (SOMloq2)

Control unit twist XXL (SOMloq2)

  • In large housing (IP 67)
  • With contact protection
  • Pre-installed main switch
  • Radio receiver SOMup4 FM 868.95 MHz (SOMloq2), pluggable
  • 4-command handheld transmitter Pearl Vibe (# 4019V000)

# S11812-00001

SOMMER control unit twist XXL (SOMloq2)