Trade fair R+T digital 2021


Our trade fair programme for the R+T digital 2021:

  • We are nominated for the R+T Innovation Award with the Telecody Courier
  • Interesting webinars and training courses
  • Exclusive promotion campaigns and a competition
  • Presentation of new products and the online shop
  • Talk directly with our trade fair team via chat function
  • Digital guided tour of the company using a drone

R+T Innovation Award

Webinars and training courses

You can follow our webinars from any location without the need to install software. These brief and effective presentations, each lasting approx. 15 minutes, offer you an optimum summary of all relevant information on our innovative products.

Competition and promotions

Impressions from the R+T 2018

  • Messe R+T Fahnen
  • Messe R+T: ENTRAsys+ Unterputz
  • Messe R+T: Beratungsgespräche
  • Messe R+T: Schranke von SOMMER
  • Messe R+T: Groke Haustüren
  • Messe R+T: Groke Aluminium-Haustüren
  • Messe R+T: Kundengespräche
  • Messe R+T: Produktshow
  • Messe R+T: Torhardware von DOCO
  • Messe R+T: Industrietorantrieb von SOMMER
  • Messe R+T: Herzlich Willkommen bei Groke
  • Messe R+T: Groke Haustüren auf der R+T
  • Messe R+T: Stand der SOMMER Group
  • Messe R+T: Messebesuch
  • Messe R+T 2018
  • Messe R+T: Haustüren-Beratung
  • Messe R+T: Schiebetorantriebe von SOMMER
  • Messe R+T: Voller Messestand
  • Messe R+T: Groke auf der R+T 2018
  • Messe R+T: Snacks für Besucher und Standpersonal


How does the digital version of the R+T trade fair work?
How do I register for the R+T digital?
Where can I get an access code for the R+T digital?

Use our access code to register free of charge for the trade fair R+T digital 2021.

Access code: RTSOMMERH0121

What are the opening times of the R+T digital?
How does the SOMMER competition work?