SOMlink Serviceinterface

The SOMlink Serviceinterface - adjustment of parameters and features of the SOMMER garage door operators using a web app.



  • Integrated WLAN module
  • Integrated web server
  • Universal for smartphones, tablets or laptops
  • No Internet necessary! A direct WLAN connection is established between a PC, tablet, smartphone and SOMlink
  • WLAN and SOMMER radio control system translator / connection
  • No saving of data on external servers

Diagnose and service

  • Commissioning help
    • Deleting transmitters
    • Teaching force values
    • And much more
  • Changing operator settings
    • Period of illumination
    • Speeds
    • Lead times
    • Configuring safety devices
    • And much more
  • Calibrating force values
  • Reading out/saving and loading of system data
  • Reading out diagnostic information
    • Cycle counter
    • Event history
    • Visualisation of force curves
    • And much more

SOMlink start app for Android operating systems

SOMlink start app

This app facilitates connection set-up between your smartphone/tablet and the SOMlink. Select the desired SOMlink from a list of all SOMlinks available in the range and use all available functions via the app.

Available free of charge in the Google Playstore.

Google Play Store SOMlink-App

SOMlink Updater