SP 900 - the powerful sliding gate operator

The powerful sliding gate operator

The RUNner also fulfils the high requirements of industrial gate systems.
Like the STArter, it is sturdy, resilient, corrosion-resistant, safe, reliable and operation is quiet.

For sliding gates with 8 m width a gate weight of 600 kg.

Product advantages

Protection for you and your loved ones
The operator learns on its own and runs in the currently optimal way thanks to the DPS (Dynamic Power System). It adapts to the environment and always moves at the same speed. For the operator, obstacles mean that it suddenly needs more force. In this case, it stops or reverses. This prevents injury and damage to property. SOMMER also offers additional safety accessories. (Photo eyes, safety contact strips, etc.)

Long lifetime thanks to gentle soft running
The gate and the operator are preserved thanks to the "Open" and "Close" soft running. Shortly before the gate end positions, the speed decreases, which preserves the mechanics and increases the lifetime. No annoying closing noises.

Power failure - what now?
The mechanical emergency release can be activated manually to open your gate when there is a power failure. Even if there is strong contact pressure on the operator, the release lock can be triggered with low application of force and you can get to your property.

Battery pack for power failures
During a power failure, the operator can be run in emergency mode with our battery pack.

Environmental and cost efficiency
Consumption of electricity and environmental impact are low thanks to the efficient ring core transformer.

High quality and stable
The rugged glass fibre reinforced plastic rack with integrated steel core ensures maximum stability and quiet roll behaviour.

Functions which make daily life easier
The partial opening function can be used to open a part of a gate and reach the property by bike, for example.
With the automatic closing function, you can be sure that the gate is always locked behind you. After the photo eye is passed, the gate automatically closes after a set time.

SOMMER RUNner sliding gate operator

Additional equipment

You can create your own optional value-added product with our additional equipment. The modular system structure makes it possible to expand the SOMMER RUNner with countless accessories in line with the "plug and play" principle. All accessories are easy to install since sockets are colour-coded and exactly labelled.

Battery pack

SOMMER battery pack

In the event of a power failure, the battery pack supplies energy to the gate operator for up to 12 hours with a maximum of 10 gate cycles (OPEN/CLOSE). The battery pack is automatically recharged during normal operation.

# 5115V001

Technical data

Description RUNner
Temperature range: –30°C to +50°C
Power supply: AC 220 ... 240 V
Torque: Max. 20 Nm
Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
Protection class: IP54
Opening speed: Max. 210 mm/s


Scope of delivery

Operators with SOMloq2 radio control system

Bidirectional SOMloq2 radio control system from SOMMER

Secure encryption
The future-proof SOMloq2 radio control system offers maximum protection against hackers due to 128-bit AES encryption with Rollingcode.

Repeating radio signal
The auto-repeat function ensures convenient opening while approaching the building. The output radio signal repeats in a certain cycle to enable optimal availability.

High radio range
With the innovative hop function, the range is extended, as radio signals are forwarded from SOMloq2 receivers.

Also for existing SOMMER operators
Transmitters with SOMloq2 are backward compatible with the Somloq Rollingcode radio control system, making it possible to control existing operators and radio receivers.

Single operator RUNner (SOMloq2)

  • 1x sliding gate operator
  • Motor control unit
  • Radio receiver SOMup4 FM 868.95 MHz (SOMloq2), pluggable

Item no. S11566-00001


RUNner set (SOMloq2)

  • 1x sliding gate operator
  • Motor control unit
  • Radio receiver SOMup4 FM 868.95 MHz (SOMloq2), pluggable
  • 4-command handheld transmitter Pearl Vibe (# 4019V000)
  • 4 m plastic rack with steel core incl. mounting material (expandable to max. 8,000 mm)

Item no. S11611-00000