Radio technology and home automation

SOMMER home automation - interference-free

SOMMER Home Automation: Interference-free

Operate your home automation applications simply and conveniently by radio remote control. SOMMER radio technology products allow you to have individual control of your home automation applications in the garden or the garage. You will be amazed with what can be operated by radio technology and how much convenience you'll gain without sacrificing safety or security.

  • Remote control of awnings, roller shutters and the door operators
  • Remote control of the wellness and entertainment areas in your home
  • Remote control of the electric and electronic appliances at home
  • Remote control of the applications in the garden and the entire outdoor area



We delivery the quality – you enjoy the convenience!

With reliable radio control products from SOMMER, you can be assured of durability for years to come. This is not only because of their high quality and easy operation, but also because they are meticulously crafted and certified. These allow you to have individual control of your automation applications in your home as well as outside.

We delivery the quality – you enjoy the convenience!


The wide range of possibilities with SOMMER Radio Control System

We supply you with the right solution for the radio control or your awnings, roller shutters, gate operators, your spa and entertainment area, your electrical and electronic devices in your home, garden and entire outdoor area.


Your safety will always be what drives us

Our radio solutions offer you safe and convenient operation and networking of your devices in your home, garden, yard or in the garage. At SOMMER, security and convenience go hand in hand. Only when you have that peace of mind can you fully reap the benefits of our limitless radio options. Get to know the countless options of our radio products and you will be astonished by how many things can be operated by radio control systems.


Reliability of the highest level

Gone are the times of opening and closing the garage door, awnings and the like by hand. Our two Somloq Rollingcode and SOMloq2 radio systems make this and many other functions easier than ever before. Both work with safe Rollingcode technology:

  • Uses radio frequencies with short transmission periods for quick and fault-free radio commands.
  • For optimum protection against code scanning and code grabbing to prevent access by unauthorised parties.

SOMloq2 builds seamlessly on Somloq Rollingcode: You don't have to exchange existing SOMMER operators. Expansion is enough to secure you even more advantages.

In comparison: Somloq Rollingcode and SOMloq2

A comparison of the two radio control systems

  Somloq Rollingcode SOMloq2
Frequency FM 868.8 MHz FM 868.8 MHz
FM 868.95 MHz
Encryption 66 bit 128 bit AES
Bidirectional No Yes
Rollingcode Yes Yes
Hop function No Yes
Door status display No Yes
Auto-repeat function No Yes
HomeLink-compatible Yes No

More information can be found in our brochure for Radio control products.