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Further development of the base+ ceiling control unit

Ceiling control unit of the base+

Impressions of the R+T 2018

New Technical Manager: Robert Pearce


"I joined SOMMER at the beginning of October 2017 as the new Technical Manager for the UK subsidiary. I received training on the SOMMER product range and technical information from SOMMER Germany’s technical trainer Holger Beer, who shared with me his extensive knowledge with me, giving me a great start at SOMMER.

My background is in electronics, television repair, audio and video switching equipment and home automation devices. I have always had a passion for electronics and working at SOMMER continues this.

I perform testing and repairs on returned SOMMER operators and equipment. I also pre-wire and test all GIGA industrial motors and controllers before they are shipped to customers, as an additional level of quality control.

At SOMMER I have a more customer facing role. I am the point of call for technical advice, assisting customers with everything SOMMER, from coding in a remote, to talking engineers through fault finding our operators over the phone. I also when necessary, visit sites where SOMMER equipment has failed. This is to rectify problems as efficiently as possible to minimise to down time of

My duties here are very varied, as well as the above, I also organise the SOMMER spare parts stock, arrange delivery of warranty replacement parts for our customers and return tested faulty equipment to Germany.

I often take customer sales calls, pick and pack the items for orders, arrange shipping to customers. No two days are the same here at SOMMER. My aim here is to deliver great customer service and technical assistance to all of our SOMMER customers."

Technical Manager of the SOMMER Door & Gate Automation UK Ltd.

Robert Pearce
Technical Manager
Phone: +44 1904 60 87 87

Company holidays & stocktaking 2017/2018

SOMlink Serviceinterface software update


SOMlink start app for Android operating systems available now

Discontinuation of garage door operator marathon

5/9/2016 - SOMMER marathon SL, marathon tiga SL and marathon tiga SLX garage door operators are only available until mid-2017.

Even the strongest and most successful athletes see their active careers come to an end someday – and even marathon runners have to take their last stride at some point. As the popular premium models in the SOMMER product portfolio, the marathon SL, marathon tiga SL and marathon tiga SLX garage door operators have given an outstanding performance and impressed countless customers. Now it's time for the marathon to scale things back a bit.

  • All existing versions and types of our classic marathon SL, marathon tiga SL and marathon tiga SLX product will remain available until 31 December 2016.
  • Of course, spare parts for all operators sold will still be available for a number of years in keeping with our strong focus on service.
  • From 1 January 2017 to 30 June 2017, our marathon operators will only be available in the versions listed below. After this period, we will no longer be selling the marathon SL, marathon tiga SL and marathon tiga SLX:
Item number Product name Frequency Version
4250V001 marathon 550 SL 868.8 MHz NEUTRAL
4250V020 marathon 550 SL 868.8 MHz Mains plug GB
4255V000 marathon 550 SL 434.42 MHz SOMMER
4570V001 marathon 800 SL 868.8 MHz NEUTRAL
4570V020 marathon 800 SL 868.8 MHz Mains plug GB
4575V000 marathon 800 SL 434.42 MHz SOMMER
4580V001 marathon 1100 SL  868.8 MHz NEUTRAL
4580V020 marathon 1100 SL 868.8 MHz Mains plug GB
4585V000 marathon 1100 SL 434.42 MHz SOMMER
4577V000 marathon tiga 800 SL 868.8 MHz SOMMER
4587V000 marathon tiga 1100 SL 868.8 MHz SOMMER
4510V000 marathon tiga 800 SLX 868.8 MHz SOMMER
4510V010 marathon tiga 800 SLX 868.8 MHz Mains plug CH
4520V000 marathon tiga 1100 SLX 868.8 MHz SOMMER
4520V010 marathon tiga 1100 SLX 868.8 MHz Mains plug CH

Your personal SOMMER sales representative will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
We look forward to being able to serve you as part of our final marathon customers before reaching the finish line in June 2017.

The new garage door operators from SOMMER


SOMMER S 9060 base+
  • S 9060 base+ replaces the marathon 550 SL (600 N)
  • S 9080 base+ replaces the marathon 800 SL (800 N)
  • S 9110 base+ replaces the marathon 1100 SL (1100 N)



The new SOMMER pro+ is an innovative successor of the successful duo vision concept. The separate control unit housing offers more flexibility and convenience. The SOMMER pro+ is available in three types:

  • S 9060 pro+ (600 N)
  • S 9080 pro+ (800 N)
  • S 9110 pro+ (1,100 N)


SOMMER tiga underground garage door operator

The S 9060 tiga, S 9080 tiga and S 9110 tiga underground garage door operators are available as a complete set that includes a separate control unit.


SOMMER tiga+ underground garage door operator

The S 9060, S 9080 and S 9110 operator units are used in underground garages and can be freely combined with the large separate tiga+ control unit. The tiga+ control unit offers extended functions and additional connection options.