Wireless signal transmission for safety contact strips on roller doors and sliding gates

The DoorScout is quick and easy to install and operates reliably. The high-quality lithium batteries are weather-resistant, powerful and have a long service life, no spiral cable or other power supply is required.

Simply plug the RX receiver on the control unit side in to the operator controller and mount the TX transmitter on the door or gate. Separate connections for door/gate OPEN and door/gate CLOSE directions are also available.

Signal transmission can be used for optical (low power signal) and electrical safety contact strips. Both simply transfer the signals to the control unit via radio. In the event of external radio interference, you can switch to a different radio frequency.

The DoorScout is compatible with RUNner, RUNner+, SP 900, S 900 from software version 3.1 and RDC Vision+.

Overview of set

  for RDC Vision for RUNner, RUNner+, SP 900, S 900
Compatible with software from Version 1.7 from Version 3.1
RX receiver X X
TX transmitter X X
Interface module X not required
AA lithium battery, 3.6 V X X

Technical data

  • Temperature range: −20 °C to +55 °C
  • Response time: ≤ 60 ms
  • Frequency: 869.52 MHz/869.85 MHz
  • Range (depending on the surroundings): max. 100 m
  • IP code: IP 55
  • Dimensions: 190 × 51 × 36 mm