The garage door operator of the next generation

Faster. More secure. More intelligent. Brighter.

The SOMMER base+ has a lot to offer. The intelligent carriage offers plenty of room to connect well-designed accessories.

Travelling motor

  • Gentle transmission technology

    For a long lifetime
  • Galvanised, nickel-plated and high-quality chain

    No frictional loss caused by a revolving chain, no oiling or chain re-tensioning necessary
  • Saves power: < 1 watt standby

    Standby only 0.8 W, corresponds to approx. €1.80 in energy costs per year
  • High automatic locking and active break-in protection

Everything you need.

In one box.

The SOMMER base+ is a universal complete packageready for use. The pre-assembled operator for ceiling installation can be combined with all types of doors.

Track unit

The track unit, included in the standard equipment, allows sectional doors up to 2,500 mm in height and swinging doors up to 2,750 mm in height to be opened. Even taller gates can be opened with a track extension (available as an accessory).

Additional connection options without spiral cable directly on carriage

  • Connection for slip door contact
  • Connection for safety contact strip OSE or 8k2

Ceiling bracket

  • Flexible and easy to install


  • Galvanised, nickel-plated and high-quality chain
  • Wear- and maintenance-free, pre-tensioned via springs with high tensile strength

Roof control connection option

  • Pulse button
  • Warning light 24 V/DC, max. 25 watt
  • 2- or 4-wire photo eye
  • Additional light socket (Lumi base+)
  • Additional relay socket
  • Battery pack socket

An operator like no other.


The SOMMER base+ features our most advanced garage door control unit with various optimised speed profiles and the option of setting the operating forces exactly. And it continuously learns automatically and adjusts the door operation accordingly. This is how our operator becomes your operator.

Intelligent control technology

  • Automated learning process

    Self-learning force curve with continual adjustment, e.g. summer/winter mode
  • Optimised speed profiles

    For quick opening and secure closing
  • Operation compliant with standards

    Can be customised with a force measurement device
  • Optimised door operation

    Through direct entry of operating forces
  • Sensitive

    Intelligent differentiation between necessary force for door operation and unusual obstacles
  • Additional blockade detection

  • Four radio channels with assigned functions

    CH 1 = Pulse sequence
    CH 2 = Partial opening / Lighting function
    CH 3 = Defined OPEN
    CH 4 = Defined CLOSE
  • Secure radio frequency

    With 128 Bit AES encryption
  • Coded, copy-protected product software

  • SOMlink Serviceinterface

    Service info and versatile setting options

SOMMER Antriebs- und Funktechnik GmbH

The SOMMER Antriebs- und Funktechnik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality garage door operators, swing gate operators, sliding gate operators, roller shutter operators and awning operators as well as radio remote controls for home automation in Europe.


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