Transmitter management for specialist retailers

Somloq transmitter management for specialist retailers

You can count on Somloq Rollingcode!

Somloq-coded transmitters are secure against manipulation. In contrast to the clonable and inheritable transmitters of many competitors, at SOMMER there are no two transmitters that have the same code. In the event of loss or theft of a transmitter, this can be specifically deleted from the radio receiver


Somloq is effective

Even with defective receivers, the radio codes can be read out via Somloq and programmed into the new receiver. Even more convenient is the programming of the radio codes using a saved computer file. The cumbersome task of collecting of all transmitters is then no longer necessary.

Universal "service transmitters" can be created, which can be automatically programmed into every receiver. Your service employees can use the "service transmitters" to operate each of your installed systems.

Transmitters can be programmed at the office and sent to the customer – no programming on site is necessary.


Somloq provides clarity

SOMMER radio transmitters and receivers can be administered easily and clearly. Personal transmitter lists are created during the programming. This is ideal for underground garage facilities, barrier installations and company entrances. This allows you to keep track of everything.

Customer loyalty

Somloq creates customer loyalty

Property management administrators and industrial customers can profit from their organisational benefits (transmitter lists and much more) and their service (targeted deletion of transmitters and much more).

Possibilities for use

Just a few of the many possibilities that Somloq offers

  • In the office/At the construction site
    The radio codes for up to eight radio receivers including transmitters are prepared in the office.
    The radio receivers only have to be programmed at the construction site.
  • In the office
    Already coded transmitters or radio receivers can also be sent directly to the customer; on-site programming is not necessary.

Technical options

The technical possibilities of the Somloq Codemaster

  • Reading out radio codes from the receiver and saving them in the code master
    (e.g. reading out from a defective radio receiver)
  • Range measurement device
    (the radio range can be detected on-site at the time of consultation)
  • Deletion lock
    (radio receivers with 448 codes can be locked from unauthorised deletion)
  • Transmitter test device
    (the values of the transmitter can be read out directly: transmission rate, radio strength, button function, rollingcode, manufacturer code, number of activations)
  • Transferring radio codes from code master into the receiver
    (e.g. programming read-out radio codes into the new radio receiver)
  • Jammer display
    (possible jammers can be detected on-site)
  • Targeted deletion of codes