Transmitter management for property management administrators

Somloq transmitter management for property management administrators

Keep track of everything!

Somloq-coded transmitters are ideal for property management administrators, because, in contrast to the clonable and inheritable transmitters of many competitors, SOMMER transmitters are manipulation-proof - no two transmitters have the same code. In the event of loss or theft of a transmitter, this can be specifically deleted from the radio receiver


Somloq is effective

In the event of a malfunction, or damage to the radio receiver (e.g. lightning strike,...), the transmitter code can be easily programmed into the new radio receiver. The cumbersome task of collecting of all transmitters is then no longer necessary.

When reordering transmitters, these will be sent to you preprogrammed for your system. This saves you the expense of driving to the facility and the programming time, as well as the difficult task of scheduling.

The transmitters can be placed into operation immediately.


Somloq provides clarity

SOMMER transmitters can be assigned at any time. Personal transmitter lists are created during programming and included when sent to you. When you reorder or when tenants change, the lists are updated accordingly. This allows you to keep track of everything.