ENTRAsys FD - open your front door with the touch of a finger

Product advantages

Opens with a fingerprint
You can open doors easily with a fingerprint thanks to the biometric detection system.

Quick detection
The modern stripe sensor ensures a high and fast rate of recognition.

Sufficient memory space
Storing 50-80 prints is possible, depending on the complexity of the fingerprints. Up to 9 prints can be assigned administrator rights. These can then share or withdraw access rights.

Cannot be manipulated
The system cannot be tricked. It detects whether the fingerprint really belongs to the person in the system and whether the fingerprint is "living".

Transmission-safe radio commands
Thanks to Somloq Rollingcode, the system works with maximum security and is protected against attack. Radio frequencies with short transmission periods ensure quick and fault-free radio commands. In addition, the encrypted and secure transmission wireless connection between the finger scanner in the door and radio receiver in the door profile means no short circuit or bridging is possible.

Flexible radio control system
The 4-channel radio technology opens up flexible possibilities for use. For example, you can control the outdoor lighting, the alarm system or a door operator in addition to the door.

Intuitive navigation
The integrated display function allows for simple programming. The structured access management system allows you to stay on top of things thanks to the clear menu items.

Master PIN
In an extreme emergency, for example failure of all administrators, access to the programming and management is still possible with the master PIN.

LED status display
Integrated LEDs give you precise status messages using defined signals. For example, you are informed about low batteries or malfunctions in a timely manner.

Security in the event of a power failure
If the power fails, the high level of data security of the system remains intact. All system data is saved and maintained.

ENTRAsys FD access system from SOMMER

Technical data

Description ENTRAsys FD
Radio control system Somloq Rollingcode
Temperature range –20°C to +60°C
Frequency FM 868.8 MHz 
Range Approx. 25 m (depending on the surroundings)
Connecting planning AC 12 V, DC 12–24 V
Dimensions Finger scanner:
87 x 47 x 31 mm
Radio receiver:
60 x 34 x 36 mm
Protection class IP54